DigIT UP#2

Digital ways to experience art and culture

DigIT Up gives you the chance to start up a digital action. You can develop an idea to digitally bring art and culture to your organisation or program. A boost for your organisation or towards Digital Week 2017? You decide how far you want to go.

After the succesful first edition, the partners have joined forces again for this project. On this day, we want to inspire cultural practitioners from cultural and community centres, cultural and art-educational organisations, art houses, local governments and libraries to explore the digital possibilities and utilise them in their own operation.

DigIT Up! is a collaboration between The Ambrassade, The Youth Film Festival, Cultuurconnect, The City of Antwerp, Creative Europe Desk Flanders and Vitamine C.


When: Friday 24/02/2017
Where: ‘DigIT Up #2’ Zuiderpershuis Waalsekaai 14, 2000 Antwerp & Plein Publiek Van Craesbeeckstraat 33, 2000 Antwerp.
Price: €40


09.30 – 10.00: reception
10.00 – 12.30: parallel sessions
12.30 – 13.30: lunch break and visit to Media lab LaboJEFF
13.30 – 16.00: parallel sessions
16.00 – 17.00: networking moment and visit to Media Lab LaboJEFF

Content of sessions

There are 8 parallel sessions of two hours each (one series in the morning that is repeated in the afternoon). This means you have two chances to immerse yourself in concrete digital practice and tools. Each session contains the following elements:
Do-IT: The tool is present in the session, and you learn how to use it.
See-IT: A professional tells you how he/she effectively used the tool in his/her organisation or program.
Dig-IT: Through a customized working method, you can reflect on how you can use this tool in your organisation. We will help you set up a concise plan of action.

This way you can not only take in a lot of inspiration, but you’ll actually have a concrete idea that you can start with.
The following sessions are available:

Artistic games

In the cultural field, games remain unclaimed territory, and not many cultural practitioners dare to translate it to their own context. Nevertheless, the hype around Pokemon Go, the success of artistic indie games and the game console revival are proof that games continue to interest an ever-growing audience. Cultuurconnect, CC Deurne and Devillé Arcade are convinced of the potential for games to be an art form, supplement the current offer and stimulate engagement among members of the public, including and specifically children and youths. Discover the possibilities with Christophe Kenis (CC Deurne) and Hannes Vanhaverbeke (Cultuurconnect), experts and pioneers that will discuss formats that are interesting and feasible for your audience.


Minecraft is the second best-selling video game of all time. Only Tetris has sold more copies. A few Antwerp libraries discovered just how popular the game is with young people. They organised Minecraft workshops that were fully booked in no time. But where do you start with the enormous possibilities that these virtual Lego blocks have? And how do you make the connection with the collection in your library, for example? Younes Baghor of Belgium Minecraft Family shows you how to use the game. Afterwards, you’ll hear several success libraries’ success stories, and you can pose your questions to the experts.


New tools (Facebook Live, Twitter,…) have made livestreaming more and more accessible for the general public. It has made cultural centres and creators think about how they can use livestreaming to widen their audience, interact with audiences at diverse locations or create in new ways. Aside from content-related questions, this technique also has technical and financial implications. What are the advantages of cheaper livestreaming ‘tools’, and when do you opt for a professional kit? In this session, you’ll learn how Facebook Live and/or Periscope work, and we’ll zoom in on the first experience with the experiment that Cultuurconnect (An Vanlierde) is taking on together with the Warande: livestreaming to one or multiple residential care facilities.

Virtual Reality

Started in the semi-darkness of the Amsterdam underground nightlife scene, PiPS:lab has grown to be an institution in the theatre, pop and art world in 15 years time. PiPS:lab makes interactive performances and interactive art installations with a healthy dose of humour. PiPS:lab is a laboratory, known for their pioneer work in the Art & Technology domain. The session will start with an introduction to Virtual Reality, expounding its evolution and areas of application. Afterwards, participants will step into the Anyways installation, a 360° virtual reality scenario that can be experienced by six participants simultaneously. To top it all off, we’ll round off with a short live session in which the participants wiill step into a 360° film recording.


Discover how fun coding can be! During this workshop, you’ll end up in a ‘mini-dojo’. Just like the children and youths of youth work organisation CoderDojo, we’ll learn how to program and develop games and animations in a playful manner. Aside from that, we’ll look at how you can use coding yourself to enrich your own cultural-educational operation for children and youths. During the session, you’ll also meet several experts like Bettina Steylaerts of CoderDojo and Cindy Smits of CoderDojo and Digital Wolves. Line Ostyn of De Ambrassade will help them translate what coding can mean to your organisation.

Digital art

From cutting edge musicians to cross-over media artists and experimentalists, the digital art scene captivates both young people and the general public. In this session, you’ll learn how you can discover the protagonists of digital culture and program and build an educational/artistic operation around them. Jonathan Thonon (IMPACT), Thomas Godyn (’t Bedrijf) and Lucy Vereertbrugghen (Cultuurconnect) will be your guide through the digital artistic landscape, and what it can mean to your audience.

Urban Culture

The Urban Bib @ Permeke Library is an interactive installation around urban culture, including hip hop, slam poetry, graffiti and parkour. You’ll find books, magazines, graphic novels, films, music and more about the (inter)national urban scene, with a spotlight on the Antwerp urban scene. You can also upload your own content to contribute to the collection yourself. The DJ-Booth, part of the Urban Bib, is a place where young people can play, record and save tracks. Afterwards, the tracks become part of the installation. During this session you’ll learn how easy it is to make urban sounds yourself with a smartphone or tablet. No prior musical knowledge required! Malikka Bouaissa (City of Antwerp) will take you on this exploration.

Digital storytelling

Storytelling: how to go about it in the digital age? In this activity session, you’ll work with a tool for digital storytelling. De Zendelingen and Cultuurconnect will show you two practical examples. How can digital storytelling not only invigorate your communication, but stimulate interaction with your audience? How can you apply digital storytelling to cultural education? Afterwards, you’ll have time to devise a digital storytelling application or activity for your cultural centre, as youth worker or as an educational project (e.g. for schools, recreationally,…)